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This might be a dumb question, just warning. But why do a lot of fans of Buffy classify Willow as a lesbian? Now obviously, she's attracted to females, as she was with Tara. But they seem to forget that Willow was very strongly attracted to Xander and Oz, which makes her bisexual. Also, Willow's vampire counterpart from the wishverse was clearly bisexual, acting lustful towards vampire Xander and normal Willow. Am I wrong?


This has always been a large point of argument among the fandom, so the answer I’m going to give you is purely my opinion, which might clash against yours and others…

There is no doubt in regards to Willow being attracted to men in the early seasons. First there was Xander, and then of course Oz. Her feelings for these guys are 100% legitimate, and should never be forgotten. Nor does her later feelings for Tara negate any sort of romantic attraction she felt towards Xander and Oz.

However, with that being said, I believe it is incorrect to label Willow as bisexual when she herself identifies as a lesbian. I’m going to use my own personal experience here as a point of reference. I didn’t accept my sexuality until I turned twenty. Prior to that, I had had relationships with men. Today, I identify as a lesbian. I don’t try to pretend that my past relationships with men never happened, nor do I refute the fact that I was attracted to them at the time. However, now accepting my sexuality, I don’t identify as bisexual as I am only attracted to women. It took me a long while to discover this about myself, but at the end of the day, I identify as a lesbian, and no one can tell me that I’m wrong because of my past relationships with men.

It’s the same case for Willow. Being in a relationship with Tara made her realize her attraction towards women, a part of herself that she wasn’t even aware of until it happened. Being with Tara made Willow realize that she is attracted to women, and therefore identifies as a lesbian. She cannot see herself ever being with a man again, so that’s why she doesn’t identify as bisexual. Even though she was attracted to men in the past, she has discovered through her relationship with Tara that she’s not attracted to men anymore.

As for her vampire counterpart, I’ve always been under the impression that vampires are more sexually fluid, so they don’t really concern themselves with labels. They’re with the person (or vamp) that they are attracted to regardless of gender - they’re in it just for the pleasure. (Now, this is just my own speculation, and others might totally disagree with me on this one. I’m just stating what I believe to be true.) So while Willow’s vampire counterpart was sexually diverse, they are two totally different characters, and vamp Willow’s sexuality has no bearing on Willow’s.  

Wow, this turned out to be a long winded answer. But yea, that’s my opinion on the matter.


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